Mussoorie: Queen of hills

Lively and Adventures Trip of Queen of Hills

I don’t know why my heart melts after seeing the large hills and gets lost in their beauty. Maybe that’s all because of wet winding streets of these hills, or maybe it is a redolence windy breeze that touches those wet roads. It has picturesque views which keep changing at every Crooked Blend of the road.
I just cannot compare its beauty with anything else in this world. When the white clouds filled with small sweet drops, cold winds coming from the Himalaya lap touch my dry face, then it seems as if all the exhaustion disappeared in a moment this thing makes it even more appealing.

Let’s start with my First holiday in the beautiful and amazing place ” Mussoorie – “Queen Of Hills”
Mussoorie has fantastic climate and correct place for the honeymoon destination. It is about 35 km from the state capital of Dehradun and 290 km north of the national capital of New Delhi.


We started our journey from Dehradun. It took us about two hours to reach Mussoorie. While Coming to Mussoorie, we felt the thrill of every single moment on the curved roads. We captured every beautiful scene without losing time in our camera ‘forever’.

As soon as we reached Mussoorie, we went to our hotel which was just a distance from the bus stand. Our room was on the lower ground floor the room was in good condition. There was a double bed, chair, T.V., table, painting, lights, fan and a large bathroom.

We saw a big window in the room. The moment we opened the windows, we saw a wonderful speechless view of Doon Valley. I was so happy because the location of my room was absolutely perfect.

After lunch and rest, we made a list of places we had to go –
Those are listed below :

Kempty Fall: For the splashes and chills

Kempty Fall is one of the most beautiful places of the Mussoorie.Kempty Falls was developed as a tourist destination by a British officer John Mekinan, around 1835. The name Kempty is probably derived from the word ‘camp-tea’.
Falling from the height of about 40 feet from the mountain, this waterfall is the largest of the five waterfalls flowing in the valley of Mussoorie. The waterfall is located on the Yamunotri road. In the cold water of the Kempty fall, we did a lot of fun. Being done playing with water, we spent few hours in the market of Kempty fall. Thereafter, we went to our next destination place.

Mussoorie Lake: The human-made lake

In this world, Human beings are the only creatures that can make any object or place a beautiful form with their intellect and skill. Mussoorie Lake is a perfect example of this capability of human. This lake is completely made by Humans.
Mussoorie lake offers a perfect location and facilities for a family or couples Picnic Spot. It is visited by large number of visitors round the year and it looks magnificent during monsoon which gives a serene experience. Upon arrival, the beauty of lake will attract you. You will soon be excited to go to this beautiful lake for boating but to sail in this beautiful lake, you will have to pay between 15 to 30 Indian currency.

The surrounding area of Mussoorie lake is full of shops and restaurants.
We had a great time while shopping. We had a lot of fun & obviously we didn’t miss taking tons of pictures.

It was about to be sunset; We were feeling hungry & decided to reach hotel & have dinner.
After having fun all day, when all of us came to our room, the fatigue of the day started to dominate and I did not know when I came to sleep. But this fatigue also had its own pleasure which was felt after we woke up in the morning.Post breakfast, we went on a new thrilling journey again

Gun Hill: Second Highest Peak of Mussoorie

Gun Hill is a renowned tourist destination of Mussoorie, located at an altitude of 2122 meters above sea level.
If you are a person who likes adventure, then you should definitely go to Gun Hill, Mussoorie’s favorite destination because one of the most attractions of Gun hill is the cable car ride that goes from the middle of the Mall Road all the way up to the Gun Hill. One has to take the Ropeway from below at the Mall road. Each ticket is priced at approximate 100 INR- for a round trip. The height of Gun hill is 500 meter. So you will enjoy the ride. It is the second-highest peak of Mussorie which holds great historical significance. Before independence, to show time to locals, the fire was used to fire from this hill and people used to get their watches accordingly.
When you reach Gun Hill, you can see clouds and various surrounding peaks. There is not only the fresh air and views to be enjoyed but also other activities such as tea and snacks and amusement park ride for the children.
The ride is a wonderful and unique experience to have with your loved ones through the mountains.
We had lots of Fun here. After enjoying in Gun hill we decided to going Lal Tibba.

LAL TIBBA– Unforgettable view

Lal Tibba is also known as Depo Hill because there is a depo in this area. Which is the highest point in Mussoorie. This place is located in Landover area in Mussoorie, which is the oldest populated area of Mussoorie. Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) towers are also erected here.
The base of the Indian Military Army is also stationed above the hill. Visitors can enjoy wonderful views of sunrise and sunset from this point of view.

In 1967, a Japanese telescope was installed by the municipality, with the aim of providing visitors a spectacular and captivating view.
With the help of this telescope, we can see other nearby places like Bandarpur, Badrinath, Kedarnath, and other Himalayan ranges.


Apart from this, we can also visit the old houses and buildings representing British architectural styles. It’s during times like these which makes us feel our exciting city lives are so mundane and you realize it would have been so much better if we could get a chance to settle in a place so idyllic. After about 3 hours, we decided to go to Camel Back Road.

CAMEL BACK ROAD : Best for Healthy Walking

Nature has a unique place in our life. If you are a lover of nature, the panoramic view of Camel Back Road is enough to fascinate you. Camel back road is one of the most visit location in mussoorie. Here you can see the sight of wonderful and unforgettable sunrise and sunset. Camel Back road has a perfect way to walk with nature at all around, Camel back road is little bit crowded in summer mornings and evenings. We enjoyed snacks and amazing views of Doon valley from this road .

This is a pleasant walk round the countryside. Views across the hills are really beautiful. We can stop and rest at several viewing points along the way. It is mostly flat terrain making it an easy walk at a pace which is comfortable. There are one or two places to buy water. So, best is to bring your own water bottles. A lovely way to spend the morning. After walking around Camel Back Road, we did some shopping. Finally, all of us returned to the hotel room, because it was getting dark and we had to go back to Dehradun next morning.

We were not feeling like leaving that place at all because of the great time we’d spent there.This is one of the unforgettable places in my entire life till now.

The place has fantastic climate and is a correct honeymoon destination too. We stayed in one of the best hotels .Mussorie has lots of places for sightseeing. Kempty fall is amazing for sightseeing and enjoying a bath. Mussoorie lake is artificially built. We also saw Gull hill and Lal Tibba which is very wonderful. We also tasted multi-cuisine foods. Local shopping was also a nice experience. Rope car riding was too good and had unique experience. Overall that was wonderful experience and I seriously wish to visit this place again.

It would be appropriate to call this place a heaven.


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