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Discover Budget holidays architecture places In Agra Uttar Pradesh.

It nearby one of the most touristy place in Uttar Pradesh. The largest state in India. Uttar Pradesh is a state in northern India.
Its city of Agra is home to the iconic Taj Mahal monument, a domed, white-marble mausoleum honoring the wife of 17th-century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Nearby are the red-brick walls of Agra Fort, a fortified palace dating to the 16th and 17th centuries. Capital Lucknow has Muslim memorial shrines Bara Imambara and calligraphy-adorned Chota Imambara.
Land area: 243,285 km²
Population: 224 million (2017)
Capitals: Lucknow
The India’s finest city Agra. There are many historical and beautiful places in Agra. In Agra, you can see eight main places for holidays. Agra is most famous in the world. Agra knows for Taj Mahal. Before you plan to visit for Agra, you must know other places in Agra so that you can visit other famous places as well. That will be worth of your trip.
1. Taj Mahal
2. Mehtab Bagh
3. Sikandara
4. Aram Bagh
5. Khas Mahal
6. Panch Mahal
7. Musamman Burj
8. Jama Masjid.


1: Taj Mahal:-

Everybody knows that the Taj Mahal is the symbol of love. Mughal Emperor Shahjahan makes this sculpture for his love Mumtaz. Uttar Pradesh’s third largest district Agra is historically significant. According to history, Ibrahim Lodi had settled this city in 1504. Its construction began in 1630, completed in about 22 years, in which about twenty thousand workers are considered to be the contribution. Its central dome is 60 feet high and 80 feet wide a beautiful Taj.
After watching Beautiful Taj Mahal how you can forget about Mehtab Bagh.

2: Mehtab Bagh:- Mehtab Bagh Spread over 25 acres along the Yamuna river.



Mehtab Bagh garden was constructed between 1631 and 1635. This garden has been in the grip of floods coming from the Mughal period to the Yamuna. Mehtab Bagh Means the moonlight garden.
Mehtab Bagh is so beautiful and then time to Sikandra Fort.
Distance Between Taj Mahal To Sikandara Fort is 2km. First, I think about why not get the rickshaw to reach Sikandara Fort? Then I don’t know why my heart says no! Why rickshaw why not I will go by walk. Then I decided let’s walk. When I reached Sikandara Fort, I saw a mesmerizing view of Sikandra Fort. You Know It’s Heart Taken Moment. One old man is sitting over there. I think he resides in local. Then I was gone to that old man and I said “Namaste Baba”. He just turns to me and he said “Namaste Beta”. In India “Namaste” or “Namaskar” is the word to give respect to everyone. Then he asks me who you are? Then I told him about my self. After that, we talk like a friend they are said to me about Sikandara Fort.

3: Sikandara:- Sikandara situated in Agra. Sikandara part is 4km far from Agra City.

Sikandar is the most prominent place in Agra is also called king Akbar’s Makhbara. This Tomb is a mixture of arts like Hindu, Cristian, Islamic, Buddhist and Jain’s. If you see this building, then you Know how the Mughal art upgraded.Sikandra’s name falls on the name of Sikandar Lodi.There are many tombs in the middle of Agara between Sikandra and two Kos Minar. The beauty of this five-storey mausoleum persists in Sikandara. My next destination is Aram Bagh. The distance between Sikandara Fort to Aram Bagh is like 11.7km by that road. After 27 minutes we reach our Historical, Romantic and Beautiful place Aram Bagh.


4: Aram Bagh:-

Aram Bagh situated in Agra. Aram Bagh originally builds by Mughal Emperor Babur. The Aram Bagh provides an example of the variant of the char bagh which water cascades down three terraces in a sequence of cascades. Jahangir waited in the garden in early for the most astrologically auspicious hour for him to enter Agra after he took the fort of kanga in March 1621.
Aram Bagh also has some names like Bagh-E-Nur Afshan and Aalsi Bagh means ‘light Scattering Garden’ and ‘Lazy Garden’.
After taking the full joy of Aram Bagh. I took a taxi to hotel Taj Way Inn. Hotel Taj Way Inn is one of the best and cheap hotels in Agra. When I reach to my room, I saw the neat and clean bed sheets, tv, wardrobe and a huge bathroom.
The distance between Aram Bagh to Khas Mahal is something like 6.5 km. I reached Khas Mahal. I saw the beauty of Khas Mahal.

5: Khas Mahal:-

Khas Mahal is also one of the beautiful forts in Agra. Khas Mahal divided into Four main parts, the first one is (Viz Tasbih Khana)

, the second one is (Khwabgah) for Mughal’s sleeping chamber, and the third one is called (Tosha Khana) is the wardrobe and (Baithak)

the sitting room. And the exciting thing is structure located inside the Red Fort, which is a large fort complex located inside the Agra city. It’s a long journey of 38.2km. After 1 hour I stooped Panch Mahal’.

6: Panch Mahal:- Panch Mahal is located in Agra one of the largest Palace. Panch Mahal has five floors. Akbar makes Panch Mahal for his three wife’s, and other royal women were here to stay here in the summer. People also have known Panch Mahal as wind tower. It built on a typical Persian architectural style to avoid heat season in Agra City. Palace Naurani used to live on the ground floor. This Palace is also close to Akbar’s wife Jodha’s Palace. And In fact, the Panch Mahal is connected to Jodha Bai’s palace and royal chamber.
I feel like ‘wow’ after Panch Mahal. And I am hungry now it’s lunch time. I walked to my driver and ask him for any restaurant or hotel. Because he is local reside, then he takes to me in a restaurant. I ordered Mughlai Food. 
The food just awesome. After eating Mughlai Food, I ordered the famous Agra’s Petha.
The desert of the city. Lunch did my stomach full now I jump to my car seat and all the way to Musamman Burj. That was also a long journey of 1 hour. It’s 38.2 km from Panch Mahal. Mussamman Burj is also a combo of Ancient art and Indian culture.

7: Musamman Burj:- In Agra this Mughal emperor is situated near Dewan-e-Khas of Shahjahan. In it, the marble has embedded in the dark and the satin women sat on the outside with the complete privacy of activities. This multi-storey turret decorated with many rare stones. This Burj has two more names Saman Burj and Shah Burj. In the 17th century, Shah Jahan had constructed this octagonal turret to pay tribute to his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. And one more important thing some crises, Unfortunately, Shah Jahan and his daughter, Jahraa Begum, were imprisoned here by their son Aurangzeb.
People also can see the panoramic view of the Taj Mahal.
It was a tired day. But I feel happy because I never see beautiful sculptures. Near Mussamma Burj there was a cheap and famous Hotel Ajay International. I took my room keys and walked to my room. When I was in my room, I decided to get fresh n up and then I dial room service no and order Paranthas.
Next morning my sleep break because of my phone rings. It’s my driver’s call he said good morning sir it’s late 9 o’clock. I wake up fast and get fresh n up. In my haste, I forgot about breakfast. I take Dalmoth some quick snack and start my journey. It’s only 1.4 km away from Mussamman Burj.
Jama Masjid the place of peace.

8: Jama Masjid:- Jama Masjid is one of the beautiful places in Agra that people knows. Jama Masjid was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648 to pay homage to his beloved daughter, Jahaira Begum. Jama Masjid located in front of the Agra Fort Railway Station in the middle of the city, this mosque is one of the largest mosques in India. In Jama Masjid there are five curved doors.And you know that courtyard between the deposit mosque is so huge that 10,000 people can pay Namaz here at one time. Jama Masjid has also had two names Jami Masjid and Juma Masjid. Jama Masjid Made from the simple design, this mosque has been constructed with red sandstone and is decorated with white marble.
The premises also has the tomb of the great Sufi saint Sheikh Saleem Chishti.

Above all the places are so beautiful and must visit once in whole life. If you are thinking about an international trip, I’ll suggest you pls visit with your family before that.

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