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You may have been everywhere but Nainital should be on your list.

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about the beauty of Nainital

Have a plan to revolve with friends or if you have a honeymoon than the name of Nainital comes first in the mind. The best lake of Uttarakhand is Lake Nainital. Nainital, also known as Jhiliya city of Uttarakhand. Nainital is a very suitable city for excursions. High mountains, lush green peaks and pure and cold winds can win anyone’s heart very easily. Nainital’s beauty and cold weather in the summer bring the tourists on their way. On the other hand, snowfall and winter sports nanita¬†become a paradise for winter.

This lake invites millions of tourists to visit for their natural beauty. The process has given four mounts to Nainital by providing very small lakes in the surrounding areas. These lakes are the main ones: Satlat, Bhimtal, Nukuchiyalam, etc. Apart from this, Kadrat has not done any skimp in giving a natural beauty to Nainital. Which attracts the mind of tourists coming here.

The name of Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple, Raj Bhavan, Golf Course, Naina Peak, Kev Garden etc. is very famous in these tourist places.

Nainital is situated at a height of 1938 meters from the sea between the high mountains in the shade of dense trees from three sides. The length of the rhythm is around 1358 meters and the width is about 458 meters. The depth of the rhythm is estimated to be 15 to 156 meters, although no accurate information is available to it so far. The rhythmic water is very clear and it reflects the shadow of the hills and trees of the three sides. Clouds in the sky can also be seen clean in the water of the rhythm. At night, the light of houses built on the hills of Nainital also illuminated the rhythm, as thousands of bulbs were burning inside the rhythm.

#. Nainital lake:-

Millions of domestic and foreign tourists come here to enjoy sailing on this beautiful lake. In the lake water, the reflection of the surrounding mountains is visible. At night when the light of the bulbs is around. Then its beauty increases even more. There is a bridge where there is a statue of Gandhiji and a post office. This is the only bridge in the world where there is a post office. Where there is a lot of crowd Naina Devi Temple is on the northern end of the river.

#. Naina Devi temple of Nainital:-

Whether you are fond of walking or not, you must have heard Nainital’s name. This city has been established due to the Naini Lake, which is said here, here the Goddess Sati’s eyes fell. So in this order, we are informing you today from the Naina Devi temple of Nainital.

Let us know that Naini Devi Temple is also known as the main Shakti Peetha. Here the power of Sati is worshiped. There are two eyes in the temple which represent Naina Devi. In the place of Naini Lake, the eyes of Goddess Sati fell. Inspired by this temple has been established. Since then, worship of Lord Shiva Nanda (Parvati) is in the form of Naina Devi. Let us tell you that today this rhythm is known as Naini Lake, and millions of tourists visit this place every year.

#. Stay arrangements:-

Even before going to Nainital, the most worry is that there is a stay arrangement. There are many government guest and rest houses, who can make you plan for a trek through the journey. There is a good arrangement for stay at Kumaun Guest House at Mallily. Apart from this, rooms at the tourist rest house of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam also have rooms. There is a tourist rest house in Talalal. Apart from these, there is also a good arrangement of private hotels in Nainital.

#. Kevas Garden, Nainital:-

Kev Garden is also known as ‘Eco Keew Garden’. There are six underground cages which are published by Petromax lamps and also have a fountain running on the rhythm of a music. These caves are known as Tiger Cave, Panther Cave, Bat Cave, Squirrel Cave, Flying Fox Cave and Ap Cave. They are supervised by local administration.

#. Naini Peak, Nainital:-


Nainik Peak is the highest peak of Nainital. It is also called ‘China Peak’. Travelers can rent horses or pony for a ride to reach here from Malli Tal and Snowy View. It is located 6 km from Nainital city.

#. Kilbury, Nainital:-


Kilbrary is a beautiful picnic spot, and is located 10 km away from Nainital. Tourists from here can enjoy the panoramic vista of mountain peaks wearing snow caps.


Visitors can see brown wood-owl (owl), collar Grosbeak, and white-necked laughing thrushes and forklifts etc. Travelers can relax here in the Forest Bungalow. This is the right place to watch birds. This is an ideal gateway to celebrate better holidays.


#. Khurpatala, Nainital:-

The cottage is a paradise for the fishermen. It is located 10 km from Nainital. This is known due to its pleasant climate and charming lake, where fishing can be enjoyed. But now it is famous for its green vegetable fields.

#. Hanumangari, Nainital:-

Hanumangarhi is a religious place which is located 3 km from Nainital.



This temple of ‘Neem Karoli Baba’ Is also known by name.Apart from this, ‘Shitala Mata Mandir’ and ‘Ashram of Leela Shah Bapu’ are situated on the other side of the hill.




This is an ideal place to celebrate your holiday.




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