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Best places in India.

At a time when the holiday bells are ringing, the best way to rediscover your self is to take a vacation to explore the unexplored places in India.

India is like a big deep tunnel wherein if you digging for exploring, it will always surprise you. you will find something new every time.India has got many interesting and unexplored places.

Cheap holidays put together for you absolute off beat and unexplored places in India.

1] Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh)-The crown of north east-

A lesser known offbeat place in the crown of the North-East, Ziro is one of those places which boasts of agreeable climate throughout the year. The weather of this place is very pleasant and soothing. Places to explore when you are in Ziro.

a} Tarin Fish Farm – Paddy cultivation

b} Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

c} Kile Pakho

d} Midey – Trekking

e} Shiv Linga

f} Meghna Cave Temple

g} Dolo Mando – Trekking

h} Pine Grove

i} Ziro Music Festival

2] BHITARKANIKA (ODISHA) – Lush green environment

if you are frustrated of global warming and want to explore any greenery place then this is the right place for you. BHITARKANIKA lush green environment will please your eyes. You have to make your plan to travel this unique habitat of mangrove forests.  Places to explore when you are in BHITARKANIKA.

a} Scenic Boat Cruising

b} Theme-Based Entertainment

c} Animal World (22 feet Crocodile, Spotted Deer, Monitor Lizard, King Cobra, and Pythons)

d} Bird World (170 species of birds, sub-species of Kingfishers, Sea Eagles and Sand Pipers)

3] Chopta, (Uttarakhand)- Spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas

The route to enter Chopra and exit it is very very beautiful covered

with trees and forest both sides. You can enjoy the spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas, snow-capped mountains. It is undoubtedly the prettiest place of all the offbeat places in India. If you are planning to go there make sure you visit around June else it gets rainy. You can also visit Badrinath from there if you want to. It’s is around 5-6 hours’ drive. Places to visit when a} you are in Chopta

a} Tungnath Mandir

b} handrashila

c} Ukhimath

d} Deoria Tal


More unexplored places to be continued….

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