What North Koreans do for fun:

Pleasure-seekers are envisioned getting a charge out of a CRUISE on a national occasion in the shunned loner state.

The approaching danger of atomic war does not appear to influence these North Korean subjects after they were envisioned taking a visit on a  passenger boat this weekend.

A recently wedded North Korean man was captured with his arm around his better half, pointing into the separation as the vessel cruises down the Yalu River, along the China-North Korea fringe waterway amid a national occasion for the recluse state.

Youthful youngsters are seen by the feet of the upbeat couple as it heads along the stream in the Liaoning region, in China’s upper east.

A gathering of calmly young fellows is imagined standing and sitting on the front of the boat as it speeds along the waterway, while all the more intelligently dressed men and ladies remain behind the lady of the hour and prep.



A little pontoon pulled up close by the traveler boat, with a couple of the men endeavor to get the consideration of those on the bigger vessel.

Individuals locally available the ship are seen taking pictures or recordings on their cell phones in what could be simply one more bit of arranged promulgation by the comrade state.


A man in what gives off an impression of being military uniform is additionally observed taking a seat on the pontoon with his legs dangling over the edge while others wave from the boat.

The North Korean banner flies gladly on the traveler’s vessel as it chops down the smoggy waterway along the Chinese fringe. Extensive skyscrapers are scarcely obvious through the thick brown haze yet a blackout layout can pretty much be seen.

It comes as the United States has required another vote on Monday for a UN determination which would force the hardest endorses yet against North Korea – which could start pressures with the nation’s greatest exchanging accomplice China and its neighbor Russia

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