Unbelievable places

Places that are hard to believe really exist.

Nature has always been our subject because nothing and no one can ever compare to the beauty of nature. There are so many fascinating things in the world that really exist and that which are not easily captured. So many places that we thought only exist in fairy tale books and fantasies. Some are bizarre, some are exotic, most are magical and beautiful, others are horrifying and a good part is that the places are awe-inspiring.
Well not anymore because cheap holidays will show you that mystic and magical places do exist in real life.

And once again, we would like to believe that dreams are the chunk of reality.

The Swallow’s Nest (HASPRA, UKRAINE)

This castle looks like its only live in the fantasy novel, but it’s actual place and you can visit in real life. the castle situated in Ukraine at Gaspra, a small spa town between Yalta and Alupka, in the Crimean Peninsula on the top of the Aurora cliff overlooking the Black Sea coast.

In 1968 renovations began on the building in an attempt to make it habitable, or at least visitable. Engineers inserted a large concrete plate into the cliff that helped shore up the crack that was left by the quake. In 1975 an Italian restaurant opened in the castle and has operated on its premises ever since. Because of its inspiring location, the castle was used in the exterior shots of multiple Soviet films.

If you visit Crimea, Swallow’s nest should be on your ‘must see’ list. we would recommend taking a boat trip from Yalta.For this situation, you will have an opportunity to see it from the ocean side.



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