Holidays are about to get a lot cheaper


“Holidays are about to get a lot cheaper… so here’s how YOU can bag yourself a brilliant deal in 2018”

Discover which goals offer the biggest fall in costs as the more grounded pound consolidates with bringing down charges in shops, eateries, and bars.

fall is driven by sterling’s year-on-year gains of 70 percent of the top 40 holiday currencies, according to Post Office Travel Money.

The pound has strengthened by 9.4 percent against the US dollar, 10.3 percent against the Kenyan shilling and 17.3 percent against the Turkish lira compared with January 2017.

Long haul destinations offer the largest fall in prices as the stronger pound combines with lower charges in shops, restaurants, and bars.

Prices have dropped 36 percent in Dubai (Jumeirah Beach), 31 percent in St Lucia (Rodney Bay) and 27 percent in New Zealand (Auckland).

Japanese capital Tokyo was found to be the second cheapest destination for UK tourists buying eight tourist items such as a meal for two, sun cream and mineral water.

Only Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach resort is cheaper, according to the research.

Portugal’s Algarve is in third place, ahead of Prague in the Czech Republic and Cape Town, South Africa.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: “The squeeze on spending at home means holiday resorts and cities where the pound will stretch further or where local prices are cheap are likely to reap the benefit of increasing visitor numbers in 2018.”

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