PSNI warn over ‘worrying increase’ in holiday scams

Holidaymakers are cautioned to take care when reserving hotel rooms online after an increase in”bogus supplies” on social networking websites.

Chief Superintendent Simon Walls stated there’s been a”stressing increase” in the number of vacation scams reported to authorities.

“People are being duped into reserving hotel rooms and flats that just don’t exist through fake’ sites and societal networking articles,” he explained.

“Northern Ireland has undergone significant growth over the hospitality industry in the previous 12 months”

“Lots of people book rooms on the internet and quite frequently they avail of great discounts.

“That said, I’d encourage all travelers to be cautious when and if creating an internet booking.

“As a guideline, you ought to read testimonials of this resort or the true site offering the bargain, check the credibility of the site and when needs are to contact the hotel directly to check whether they stipulate the stage that’s offering the space.”

“We’ve probably all received emails promoting last-minute bargains in a variety of resorts,” she explained.

“But I’d recommend folks to think twice and perform a few basic checks and study prior to committing to a booking.

“From time to time resorts will operate their own promotional offerings via their social networking platforms.

“Such offers have a tendency to be last minute deals for an assortment of hotel services such as overnight lodging and therefore are more frequently than not real.

“But it is well worth ringing the resort and checking directly together which the deal you’re taking a look at is valid, as we’re seeing a rise in the amount of’fake supplies’ on social networking websites.”

If not sure, the general public should ring the resort if they have any concerns around the seller offering bargains for hotels within the area.

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