A unique summer vacation for kids is ready this season at a gym in Burabay Resort region. The camp provides unique thematic leisure activities for kids and it’s coordinated as a member of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s refugee program. Kids are educated Kazakh traditions and habits and also the secrets of domestic cuisine. They also get involved in traditional contests and matches in addition to going on trips to historic sites.

Our principal purpose is to maintain the national identity, customs, and history. Kids have full access to such customs. It’s a free job and they’ll see cows farms and determine how kumys and shut are created. 350 kids from other regions of Kazakhstan are spending their holiday in the middle. They acknowledge they enjoy their summer camp’s app. YEAR ONGAR – It’s my very first time in Burabay. There’s a gorgeous woods, a lot of greenery and fresh atmosphere. I made lots of new friends. AKTILEK BIMYRZA: – I want to come here and I enjoyed this camp. The teachers said we’re moving to the trip shortly. They promise to arrange a hike and reveal the gorgeous areas of Burabay. The first programs of the teaching team will also be designed to create the children’s holidays memorable. Anastasiya Nurimannova is considered the founder of the ideal job” Happy Holidays” on the federal level. ANASTASIYA NURIMANOVA, PROJECT AUTHORWe see sacred websites and learn a whole lot about monuments and monuments. We’re also coordinating the rope classes as part of a set of sports events. The kids are learning how to tie ribbons right and they engage in the sports events because each year our sports events become more complicated. Each degree is intended for kids of a certain age and to their physical capacities.

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